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There are many different types of wire cloth depending on alloy, mesh, wire diameter, and weave. The following information is needed to place an order or request a quote. All the items would be helpful, however, some of the variables can determine others (ie. Wire Diameter and Open Area can determine Mesh Count.) If you are not sure, we would be happy to work with you to identify the wire cloth. We accept minimum orders of $150 - complimentary stainless steel samples upon request.


  • Alloy
A listing of common alloys is located @ More...
All metals can be woven, it may be an oversight if not listed. Please let us know.  Please specify if DFAR.
  • Mesh
Mesh can be determined by many factors:
Wires Per Inch
Openings Per Inch
Wire Diameter & Opening
Refer to our web pages for more information:
How to Measure Wire Cloth More...
How to Calculate Open Area More...

  • Wire Diameter
Size of wire can be obtained using micrometer
  • Crimped
If applicable, Double, Intermediate or Lock
  • Weave
Plain, Welded, Twilled, Plain Dutch, Twilled Dutch
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